January 31, 2010

Our Story

Always seeking to make a better tortilla chip, Jamie now makes a variety of flour tortilla chips. With a better, flaky crunch, our chip is a rarity on store shelves. There’s just nothing like it in your local chip aisle.

Having made the homemade flour tortilla chips for years for family parties and gatherings, Jamie and her son began focusing on the idea of reinventing the tortilla chip saying, "any mom knows how to bake chocolate chip cookies, but it took just one Mrs. Fields to make a better chocolate chip cookie."  

We've turned that simple concept, and the goal of making a better tortilla chip, into our thriving and ever expanding business.  Our flour-based tortilla chips have no preservatives and are made with zero transfat. They come in three varieties: Lightly Salted, Cinnamon Sugar, and Harvest Grain.

Our chips are sold exclusively at Food Stuffs in Glenview (847.832.9999). Look for us in other fine stores in the near future!